I will launch and setup your gofundme, indiegogo, kickstarter crowdfunding campaign

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2 min readMar 8, 2021



I want to encourage people to consider crowdfunding as a way to access capital without going into debt or resorting to financing venture capital. I have done it myself effectively, spoken about it at conferences, and I provide the tools for clients to be able to collect funds for their projects as well.

I Will use an ingenious combination of my expertise and experience to ensure a wider exposure to your concept and turn your viewers into potential supporters by developing effective crowdfunding campaigns for any of the various platforms such as KicKstarter, Indiegogo, and GoFundMe to make it perfectly ready to launch.

This is where my services come in, with my in-depth knowledge of crowdfunding, I would help you create a successful crowdfunding campaign by;

· Auditing your existing campaign

· Providing you with a detailed action plan, backers email list, and Pre-Launch email swipes

· Writing an engaging pitch to attract backers

· Coming up with irresistible rewards

Order now and make your crowdfunding campaign a success.